Traces and Surfaces
  Grid Series
  Essential Series
  Time Series


The artist is absent
  Perfect Rivals
  Searching for Magma
  The Artist is Absent
  Genesis 1:9
  Inside Out
  Scratch the Bottom
  What Remains

  Casting the First Stone
  Cat Kara
  Agamemnon’s Offspring
  Step on
  Lazarus Sign
  Cotard’s Syndrome
  Self-preservation Principle
  Style as Substitute for Substance
  The Baptist
  Give Up
  Closed Head
  Law of Excluded Middle
  Close Stranger
  Ab Hominem, Ad Hominem
  Remembering Now
  In Concreto

  Bois Durci
  In one ear and out the other
  The Big Crunch
  Law of Identity
  The Space Between
  Levels of Distortion
  Points of Contact
  Unfinished Business
  Duty to Retreat
  Princess and the Pea
  Pinky and the Brain
  Flesh and Bone
  The Real Size of the World