Born           Greece
Studied       Royal College of Art
Lives           London, Dubai

Guided by my architectural background, I consider that environment is not something static, but is constantly reconfigured through its intercorrelation with people. I am concerned with the expressive and associative potential of art, treating artworks as fundamental spatial explorations, capable of describing experiences while manifesting their interrelationship to life. In my practice, object is treated as a metaphor of the human being, by linking environment and its elements directly to behaviour and activity.

My works aspire to become solid containers of memories and emotions, breaking physical limits and connecting with time. Considering of the world as an extension of our physical bodies, I am interested in human behaviour as expressed through the contact between people and their surroundings. In that sense I am trying to connect the architect’s and the artist’s point of view in my practice that focuses primarily in shaping space and its components rather than shaping form. Balancing different methods of expression, I try to encourage the interdisciplinary interaction that is central to my objectives, investigating the interrelationships between people, space and time and the ways human traces and memory capture life and emotion.

Selected Awards, Honours
IAI Award, Shanghai 2018
iF Design Award, Munich 2018
Asia Design Prize, Seoul 2018
International Architecture Award, 2018
Leading Designers Awards, 2018
Global Architecture & Design Award, 2018
Design Excellence Award, Shanghai 2017
AIA Middle East Award, Dubai 2017
AD 50, Dubai 2017
International Design Award, Los Angeles 2017
AIA Emerging Professionals, Washington, D.C. 2017
EPDA Award, Brussels 2017
Audi Innovation Award, Dubai 2017
German Design Award, Frankfurt 2017
AIA Middle East Award, Cairo 2016
Spark International Award, New York 2016
DAF Award, New Delhi 2016

Selected Exhibitions
Biennale, Dnipro Art Museum, Ukraine 2019
International Crafts Fair, Munich Trade Fair, Munich 2019
IAI Award Exhibit, Shanghai 2018
International Design Festival, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai 2018
Design Week, Rongcheng Citizens Center, Hebei 2018
Shenzhen International Design Week, Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen 2018
Hebei Design Center Exhibition, Design Innovation Center, Hebei 2018
40 x 40, Budapest Projekt Galéria, Budapest 2017
Shenzhen Design Week, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen 2017
Design Exhibition, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt 2017
Design Days Dubai, Dubai Design District (d3), Dubai 2017
Emerging Professionals, AIA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 2017
Delhi Festival, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi 2017
Innovative Architecture in Asia, Bene, Vienna 2016
Babel, Outsider Art Fair, New York 2016
New York State Pavilion, Queens Museum, New York 2016
A’ Design Awards Exhibition, Shenzhen International Design Fair, Shenzhen 2016
Grand Design Exhibition, Bologna Design Week, Italy 2016
Festival of Architecture and Interior Design, The Lalit Mumbai, Mumbai 2016
Award Winning Designs Exhibition, Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade 2016
Design Awards Exhibition, MOOD – Museum of Design, Como 2016